Top 10 Soundtracks for Root Canal Procedures, by Melynda Jackson (Eight Bells)

In general, I am not a record collector. I won't wax nostalgic over some album that "paved the way" for my future musical endeavors in order to get the scene's nod of approval. I won't talk about an album that got me through the most difficult time of my life.

I know that I am supposed to have a positive attitude about sharing the good word, but my taste in music is irrelevant. I suppose that people may be curious about where I get inspiration, but in general it is not from music. I am a working class musician who has never had enough money to be a "collector." I love my friends' music the most—and maybe a couple of other bands out there who are not peers. I also get turned on to lots of cool stuff by friends who have better stamina than I for sifting through it all. I am talking to you, Aesop and Martti!

Why can't I just look at this as an opportunity to share great music with others, rather than always seeing this type of thing as some sort of "Who's the Coolest" contest? Because I have a crappy attitude, that's why—or so I have been told. I think I should be congratulated, actually, because rock 'n' roll is—at its very origin—about anger, shitty attitudes, sex, and volume. Not for showcasing my hip tastes and album collecting privilege.

That said, here are 10 in no particular order that I have found to be excellent soundtracks for root canal procedures, winter bleakness, and abortions:

Vaura, The Missing (Profound Lore, 2013)

Dissection, Storm of the Light's Bane (Nuclear Blast, 1995)

Death, The Sound of Perseverance (Nuclear Blast, 1998)

Hildur Guðnadóttir, Without Sinking (Touch, 2009)

Enslaved, Below the Lights (Osmose, 2003)

Steve Reich, Music for 18 Musicians (ECM, 1978)

Chrome Hoof, Chrome Black Gold (Cuneiform, 2013)

Zombi, Surface to Air (Relapse/Hypertension, 2006)

Opeth, Damnation (Koch, 2003)

Faust, The Faust Tapes (Virgin, 1973)

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