Most Influential Live Performances, by Hateful Abandon

When faced with the gargantuan task of picking songs that have influenced Hateful Abandon and the new album, we just found it to be an almost impossible venture. We started compiling a list of songs from different artists—even going so far as to make sure that we only had one song per act—and the list kept growing and growing. So, after being confronted with this biblical tome of bands and tracks, none of which we would feel comfortable leaving out, we decided instead to make a rundown of the most influential live performances from YouTube that had a HUGE impact on our live sound and songwriting.

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When we started recording together years back, we watched a lot of YouTube videos as a way of winding down between takes. I think this had a tremendous impression on our sound and attitude over the years. Here are just a few of them. I'm going to keep the rambling to a minimum, and hopefully that encourages people to watch the videos and to ask us questions if need be...

Suicide, "Ghost Rider" (1977 - 1978)

Probably the most important video as far as our live setup goes. So far our rehearsals invoke a very similar atmosphere to this. It's amazing to think how crazy Suicide must have seemed at the time this video was recorded. It's still such a powerful performance. No band I've seen live personally has even touched this. In fact, the whole list is on a different level to what we see in venues nowadays.

Killing Joke, "Sun Goes Down" (1984)

I think it's pretty obvious by now that without Killing Joke, Hateful Abandon would be a very different band. Jaz is utterly possessed in this video. Essential.

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF), "Der Mussolini" (1981)

Again, a very similar setup to Hateful Abandon live, and another collosal influence. Look at 'em go. Seriously, who does this now?

Public Image Limited (PiL), "Careering" (1980)

Like Killing Joke, no PiL, no Hateful Abandon. This video floors me every time I see it... just insane intensity. This band also got me into dub, and that again has become a huge part of Hateful Abandon. I still see dub as a totally unexplored genre with so much more to give. Despite it being such a big influence on the early punk/post-punk greats, not many other bands have picked up on this.

Skinny Puppy, "Deep Down Trauma Hounds" (1987)

The more I rewatch and write about these videos, the more I see how important these were in our history as a band. We are not a "throwback" fucking retro band, but I can't ignore that these bands and THESE performances run in our very veins. I'm not a huge fan of Skinny Puppy's post-reunion live shows or albums, but before the reunion every album and every performance was immaculate in my eyes. Again, difficult to imagine any recent performance where the vocalist lets him- or herself go quite this much.

Dead Can Dance, "Severance" (1989)

An incredibly handsome Brendan Perry plays our most sought after instrument as a band: the hurdy-gurdy. Despite never, ever being able to afford one, we still look on eBay on a very regular basis and drool. I've never heard such an amazing sound.

The Fall, "Blindness" (2005)

I read a review of our album recently where a criticism was levelled at us that our music is too repetitive. Blame The Fall, Burzum, and Can. No regrets.

Swans, "A Screw (Holy Money)" (1986)

No words necessary.

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