Influential Swiss Records, by Unhold

Satrox, Heaven Sent (CBS, 1990)

We were young. This may seem a little odd, but the hard rock band Satrox had an impact at their hour and time. I think we were impressed by their overall appearance, the glam thing going, like real rock stars. They took the stage like the big bands did. They were—amongst others—a key towards the decision to form a band and give it a try.

Coroner, No More Color (Noise, 1989)

Coroner was one of the first bands with an international impact that we've witnessed early on. As young kids, our moms took us to the show, it was a crazy and good time! Although we never acquired the technical skills they display, I think their virtuosity and unique brand of thrash metal had a great influence on us concerning the ambient and atmospheric aspect of extreme music.

Celtic Frost, Into the Pandemonium (Noise, 1987)

The band, the legend. At first it wasn't that apparent they would have such a huge role in designing the blueprint of death metal. Celtic Frost was quite extraordinary in their way of arranging music—sturdy vocals, sawing guitars... Also, the underlying sinister ambience of this album—and their attempt to include electronic/industrial elements—is worth pointing out.

Knut, Bastardiser (Chrome Saint Magnus, 1998)

Although Knut weren't amongst the first Swiss bands we listened to, discovering them was like opening a treasure chest piled with heavy, extreme goodness. They can easily be declared the forerunners of "smart" metal in Switzerland. No bullshit, just pure sonic devastation. They're a main reason why we did two records with Serge Morattel at REC Studio.

The Young Gods, T.V. Sky (Play it Again Sam, 1992)

The list wouldn't be complete without The Young Gods. Groundbreaking pioneers and true inventors. They are to industrial rock what Yello is to techno. Despite their growing reputation, they never sold out, and stuck to their path. I was always impressed and inspired by that. It's very rewarding they get the credit they deserve, and people like Mike Patton are paying them tribute.

Leech, Instarmental (Liberated Brother, 1996)

Once again, a Swiss band that forged a path long before others came trampling along. Leech did that dense, instrumental, soul-clenching sound tapestry long before more successful bands "invented" post-rock as we know it today. Humble as we Swiss people are, they just kept on doing what they used to do.

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