Dessert Rock: 5 Great Songs About Ice Cream, by Super Luxury

With the summer sun already bearing down upon us, what's more appropriate than a list of songs about ice cream? Leeds-based noise rockers Super Luxury have therefore prepared a guide to their favorite songs about this most delicious frozen treat. In no particular order:

Eddy Current Suppression Ring, "Cool Ice Cream," from Eddy Current Suppression Ring (Dropkick, 2006)

The lyric, "I ate all my veggies. I ate all my soup. Now can I have just one scoop?" says it all about this laidback Aussie dessert-homage masterpiece. Everything else these guys have done is great, too.

Pissed Jeans, "I've Still Got You (Ice Cream)," from Hope for Men (Sub Pop, 2007)

Sadly, Pissed Jeans' lead singer, Matthew Korvette, overdosed on ice cream at the young age of 27. With hindsight, listening to this song puts ice cream addiction into an altogether sad light. A great song nevertheless.

Battles, "Ice Cream," from Gloss Drop (Warp, 2011)

An extremely catchy tropical-pop-food-fetish-ice-cream-art-rock-stomper.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, "Ice Cream for Crow," from Ice Cream for Crow (Virgin, 1982)

Entertaining as ever, this track—taken from Captain Beefheart's last recorded album—contains all the humor, surrealist poetry, and catchy choppiness of his other great works. Unfortunately, the Captain was unaware that crows actually explode if fed ice cream (like ducks being given Alka-Seltzer), which led to a series of bizarre and tragic incidents in the 1980s.

Tom Waits, "Ice Cream Man," from Closing Time (Asylum, 1973)

More about the deliverer of ice cream than the treat itself, this is an intensely fun, piano-driven rock number from Tom Waits' first album, Closing Time.

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