5 Prog Bands That Should Still Exist (But Don’t), by Marcelo Pereira (Daydream XI)

Throughout popular music history there have been a lot of bands that were formed by great musicians who wrote incredible music together, but for some reason or another they decided to call it quits. In this list I'll name some of those bands who—in my opinion—should have endured at least a little longer, because they were just too good. No particular order here, just a list.


This is a Japanese prog rock band that wrote only one album, and then they were gone. It's really hard to tell you anything about them, because there isn't much released material. Their first and only album—called Tri-Logic (1987)—is a really rare piece, but thanks to the internet we can have a listen and appreciate this crazy Japanese prog band!


Ark is a prog metal band from Norway, formed by musical geniuses such as Jørn Lande, Tore Øtsby, Mats Olausson, Randy Coven, and John Macaluso. They started in 1990, but didn't release their first record until 1999. In 2001, they released what I consider to be their magnum opus, Burn the Sun, toured for a while, and then went on a hiatus. They were said to be working on new material, but announced their official breakup in 2011.

Beyond Twilight

Since we're talking prog and we're talking Jørn Lande, why not talk about Beyond Twilight? They started out big with a mind-blowing debut album called The Devil's Hall of Fame (2001), but shortly after its release lead singer Jørn Lande left the band. With a new lineup, they released Section X (2005). Though not as strong as their first album, it's a pretty solid prog metal record. The same can be said about their next album, For the Love of Art and the Making (2006). No further material was released under the name Beyond Twilight.

Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree is yet another prog rock/metal band here in this list. There's so much to be said about Porcupine Tree that I won't be giving you a lot of detail, otherwise I'd write way too much. This British band is led by musical genius Steven Wilson and were active from 1987 until 2011, when they announced a hiatus. In 2015, Steven Wilson said they never ruled out a comeback, but it hasn't happened so far. All we have left now is hope!

Strapping Young Lad

And we're finally out of prog land... not so much, though! Strapping Young Lad was a very hard to label Canadian band. Some call it death metal, some call it extreme metal, industrial metal, progressive metal... The truth is, they were a very heavy band, but with no boundaries on where they would take their music! They were active from 1994 until 2007, when band leader Devin Townsend decided to go out on his own because the band was not doing his mental or physical health any good. At least they gave us some great music while they were around!

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