5 of Our Biggest Norwegian Influences, by Shadow Hunters

With a real lack of new (and good) Norwegian rock acts, we really had to dig deep into the archives to find some listenable Norwegian rock bands! These are a few of our old favorites—from '80s rock to Scandipop—which we're really happy to share with you today. (And please check out our debut album, A V A T A R, if you haven't already!)

A-ha, "Take on Me," from Hunting High and Low (Warner Bros., 1985)

Probably one of the best pop songs ever made!

TNT, "Seven Seas," from Knights of the New Thunder (Vertigo, 1984)

Great live band. Ronni Le Tekrø is also one of the most unique rock/metal guitarists of all time.

Dimmu Borgir, "The Serpentine Offering," from In Sorte Diaboli (Nuclear Blast, 2007)

Huge, epic, orchestral, and dark metal from deep within the Norwegian woods!

Money Talks, "Brave Young Boy," from Money Talks (Curb, 1990)

Another cool late-'80s rock song. Guess they were pretty U2-inspired back in the day!

Stage Dolls, "Soldier's Gun," from Soldier's Gun (Mercury, 1985)

Get some Gary Moore "Over the Hills and Far Away" vibes from this song.

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