5 Napalm Death YouTube Clips, by Richard Johnson (Disposable Underground, Drugs of Faith)

What's That Noise? Part 1

What's That Noise? Part 2

I first learned about Napalm appearing on this children's show, What's That Noise?, when interviewing them years ago; they bring it up in the interview in this issue of my zine.

I always was intrigued and wanted to see it. And finally YouTube user societysghoul uploaded it.

Special on BBC

I'm assuming this is a "Christmas heavy metal special" that's referred to in the same zine interview as above. It's interesting how the on-camera interview is presented in the special, and of course the live clips are classic.

TFI Friday

This is a hilarious British TV appearance, and the band is terribly raw sounding.

Hellfest 2009 Live Clip

Napalm brought Lee Dorrian out to do a song, which is awesome.

Interview With Nick Bullen

Bullen provides some backstory on his life and how he and Napalm founding member Rat got started. Good to hear from the king, right?

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