5 Great Indie/Emo Bands From Finland That People Might Want to Hear, by Samuli Peurala (Lighthouse Project, Wildfire)

Genius Breed

Genius Breed was a band from Helsinki and they released only one 7" and two CD EPs. They were around from the late-'90s to early-'00s. There isn't much information to be found on them. Their early sound owes quite a lot to Texas is the Reason and Sunny Day Real Estate, but don't write them off as just copycats. In my opinion, every song they ever released was brilliant. I was luckily able to catch them live once in early 2000 and can honestly give huge praises. For those who know Finnish hardcore, Kristian Liljelund, who later sang in Down My Throat, played bass on the first 7".

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Myne was a band from Turku. These talented chaps released a demo and an album, played a couple handfuls of shows, and called it quits. The cheap and easy name-drop would be Thursday, and if any band member happens to read this, they'd probably hate me for it. I hear a lot of Midwestern emo in them. The singer has this Postal Service-esque thing going now, which is called The Glass Mountain. The drummer, Ilmari, might be the most intense player I've ever witnessed. He nowadays plays in such great bands as 1981 and The Phoenix Foundation.


Penniless might be one of the oldest indie bands from Finland that is still around. The band was formed in Nakkila in the late-'80s as Penniless People of Bulgaria. Anola (2001) was kinda their breakthrough record, and it got them some airtime on Finnish radio stations. Their later material is superb as well. Melancholic melodies and great songwriting. As a bass player, I've many times admired the bass tones on their records.

The Prisondream

It was around '98 and I was still living in a really small town in a Finnish rural area. It's an understatement to say that there weren't that many shows happening. I was into punk and metal, but of course checked out all the bands on the bill. I didn't understand The Prisondream's sound at all. Somewhat noisy and whiny, I thought. I kinda knew the singer/guitarist, Juksta, through skateboarding, and though I didn't like their music at the time, his enthusiasm stuck into my mind forever. The band later got one of my favorite Finnish drummers (Eetu Uusitalo) into their lineup and put out two full-lengths. And, yes, I began to understand the sound they represented. It's obvious that Dinosaur Jr. has been a huge influence at some point. Juksta still plays some solo shows, but those don't happen very often. I felt honored to share the stage when he opened for Wildfire for a handful of people in a small bar in Tampere last May. He also sang some backups on the first Wildfire 12".


Getawaycab was born in the same small town as The Prisondream. The place is called Kauhajoki, and it's probably best known from a school shooting a couple years back. A typical small town with a grim feeling of violence and closemindedness underneath its surface. These guys were the younger generation at the time. Getawaycab was their high school band that just didn't die out. I've known the singer/guitarist, Henri, through skateboarding since he was a teenager who cycled 50 kilometers just to skate our park in my hometown. I've watched his musical abilities grow and have been giving him honest feedback for years. It's been really wonderful to see the band just push on and get better and better. Their musicianship has become really great, but the songwriting is still the key point.

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