5 Amazing Norwegian Underground Bands, by Daniel Ruud Lynnebakke (Grinding Fortune)

Shaving the Werewolf

I could probably write a book about my love for this band, but I'll try to keep it simple. Shaving the Werewolf's music is an eclectic blend of noise rock, dissonant hardcore, metal, and prog with a serious avant-garde edge. If you can stomach something truly visceral, ugly, and insensitive to your emotions, Shaving the Werewolf is the way to go! I was a fan of these guys for a long time before I got to know them, and now we are friends and labelmates on Negative Vibe Records. Great people, great music! Check out the music video for their song "License to Breed" above!


Blodspor is another band I admired for years before I got to know them. They blend various kinds of metal with hardcore punk and some very cool progressive elements. The end result is dark and brutal, but also strangely catchy. I tend to love bands that don't stick to a certain formula or follow genre rules, so no wonder why I love Blodspor! In addition to playing in Blodspor, these guys also run Negative Vibe Records. A fantastic bunch! They recently released a new EP and a music video for the song "Black Mass."


Creating heavy music that is both extremely visceral and melodic is not an easy task. Even though I love variety in a musical expression, many bands that try to mix these elements end up with a "hollow" result, at least in my opinion. So, the ones that do get it right need to be celebrated! Timeworn does this to perfection! Their sound is sort of a blend between post-metal and hardcore, but there is a lot more to them than that. Check out their song "A Fire Warning" above.


Do you like hardcore, grindcore, mathcore, black metal, or post-metal? How about the intensity of all these genres worked into one crushing whole? That's what Attan sounds like to my ears. These guys combine unhinged brutality with haunting melodies and textures that are guaranteed to leave a permanent mark on the listener! One of the most intense bands I have ever heard! Check out their EP, From Nothing.

Beaten to Death

I guess there is sort of a theme to this list. All the bands that I'm recommending refuse to follow any kind of genre rules. Beaten to Death is no exception! Their very original take on grindcore includes soaring melodies and twists and turns not associated with this genre at all. I think this makes their overall sound much more compelling and enjoyable! Beaten to Death also has one of my favorite song titles ever: "Knulleviser for Barn." Yeah, it's in Norwegian, but for obvious reasons I'm not gonna translate it to English. Check out their music video for the song "Don't You Dare to Call Us Heavy Metal."

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