10 Hungarian Metal Bands, by Gergő Hájer (Omega Diatribe)


Ektomorf is a world-known Hungarian thrash/groove metal band, formed in 1994. They combine gypsy folk themes with heavy modern grooves.

Omega Diatribe

Omega Diatribe is an upcoming band from the extreme groove metal scene. We bring some crazy polyrhythmic elements with killer grooves and psychedelic atmosphere. We formed in 2008 in Budapest, and our latest record called Abstract Ritual features renowned death metal drummer Kevin Talley.

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Neck Sprain

Old school hardcore/groove metal veterans. Neck Sprain formed in 1993.

Apey & The Pea

Formed in 2008, Apey & The Pea is the finest Hungarian doom/stoner/sludge band.


Angertea is a great psychedelic/grunge/alternative trio from Hungary. They formed in 1996.

Room of the Mad Robots

Room of the Mad Robots combines interesting grooves with psychedelic atmosphere.

Kill With Hate

Formed in 2008, Kill With Hate is one of the most successful death metal hordes from Budapest, Hungary.


Cadaveres is a modern groove metal band from Székesfehérvár, Hungary.

Watch My Dying

Industrial math metal. Watch My Dying formed in 1999.


Subscribe is a progressive modern/nu-metal band, formed in 2000.

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