The Backpatches of NYC

While I had been taking photos of the backs of vests at the Maryland Death Fest from 2013 through 2015, I decided to skip out on it last time around. That year, as I traversed the streets of New York City, I often wondered why I never took photos of the ones I came across at shows, and on my walks about town. I decided to get going on that, and began to capture several shots per week, with the project originally running on Razorcake magazine's website—running 14 collections. Though they treated me and this work wonderfully, I had no complaints except for the size of the pictures posted, where nine photos were collected into one image. I recently approached No Echo to see if they cared to run the entire series in a larger format, along with an additional 10 pics I came across before leaving the area.

Many thanks go to Todd and the Razorcake crew for their interest in posting my initial idea, as well as No Echo for liking it enough to repost the images individually.

Tagged: crossover, hardcore, metal, thrash

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